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ACE Global Leaders of Excellence Network

Building Bridges for Tomorrow's Leaders.

ACE Health Foundation, through its ACE Global Leaders of Excellence Network, has created a platform for the connection of diverse, highly accomplished, successful leaders committed to leadership development. The advisory will provide access to a vetted international community of professional peers who understand your challenges and needs. Grounded in the premise that the probability of effective, powerful outcomes will increase through the intentional sharing of knowledge and resources, our program aspires to channel this collaborative power to support and develop successful leaders globally.

Our Win-Win Leadership Philosophy:

ACE Global Leaders of Excellence, through their membership in this influential worldwide access network, will have the opportunity to participate in critical leadership conversations, magnify their influence, and pave the way for more women to join leadership positions globally. This platform will facilitate sharing and exchanging personal visions, priorities, and interests with distinguished international colleagues and rising leaders. Your participation will also extend your organizational reach and delivery of your message to global communities most relevant to your mission, whether your affiliation is in business, education, public service, or other sectors.

Join us in building this network, a gateway to the future - ACE Global Leaders of Excellence Network!

Together, we will work to unite and strengthen our global community through alliances that further cultural understanding, advance national and international awareness and encourage informed thought and action.

The result will be a formidable pool of unparalleled leaders, changing the world by solving problems for advancing women leaders while creating a unique environment of commitment to each other and the women and men who will lead us in the future.

Apply for membership and commitment today.