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Pooja Chandra Pama

Pooja Chandra Pama Entrepreneur and Humanitarian

Pooja Chandra Pama

An Indian-born American entrepreneur, humanitarian, and philanthropist, Pooja Chandra Pama is the founder and president of ACE Health Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Pooja is an entrepreneur with extensive background in real estate, finance, fitness, and healthcare sectors. In addition, Pooja provides enterprising and innovative coaching, and mentoring opportunities through her global mastermind program.

Pooja's philanthropic interests include education, women’s empowerment, the arts, health, environment, and humanitarian initiatives. Pooja serves as Governor for DACOR, Inc (Diplomatic and Consular Officers Foundation) and Trustee for DACOR Bacon House Foundation, Member Board of Directors, American Women for International Understanding, and several other organizations.

Pooja resides in greater Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.