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Pooja Chandra Pama

Pooja Chandra Pama Philanthropist, Humanitarian and Entrepreneur

Pooja Chandra Pama

An Indian-born American entrepreneur, humanitarian, and philanthropist, Pooja Chandra Pama has comprehensive international business experience in myriad sectors: finance, healthcare, agriculture, and real estate. Pooja helms several businesses including Praemium ACE Foods, which fosters entrepreneurship on a global scale, and is driven by Pooja's desire for seamlessly integrating community-building and philanthropy. She is also passionate about helping women and families develop sustainable businesses globally.

In 2016, Pooja founded ACE Health Foundation, a nonprofit organization which is engaged in educational and practical programs for grassroots women entrepreneurs in many countries. Pooja provides enterprising and innovative coaching mentoring and collaboration opportunities through her global Masterminds program, and ACE Global Leaders of Excellence Network.

Pooja's philanthropic interests include education, women's empowerment, the arts, health, the environment, and humanitarian initiatives. Pooja resides in the Greater Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area.