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Since 2016, ACE Health Foundation, a global leader in the international community, headquarters in Greater Washington, DC, has advanced equitable access to resources for under-resourced and underserved communities worldwide. ACE imagines an impartial premise opens the doors to win-win collaborations and equity empowerment.

Board Members
Pooja Chandra Pama

An Indian-born American entrepreneur, Pooja Chandra Pama has comprehensive international business experience in myriad sectors: finance, healthcare, agriculture and real estate. Pama helms several businesses including Praemium ACE Foods, which fosters entrepreneurship on a global scale, and is driven by Pama's desire for seamlessly integrating community-building and philanthropy. She is also passionate about helping women and families develop sustainable businesses globally.

In 2016, Pama founded ACE Health Foundation, a nonprofit organization which is engaged in educational and practical programs for grassroots women entrepreneurs in many countries. Pama provides enterprising and innovative coaching and mentoring opportunities through her global Masterminds program. Pooja's philanthropic interests include education, women's empowerment, the arts, health, the environment, and humanitarian initiatives. Pooja resides in the Greater Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area.

Jay Jacob Wind

Jay Jacob Wind is a global scholar, visionary accountant, author, athletic events governor, the go-to committed leader, and an excellence enthusiast who executes a task from start to end. 

As an innovator of many public and private sectors' IT accounting systems and programs, in the early 1970s, Jay's humanitarian passion inspired him to found the Association of Co-Op Housing and develop the co-op house accounting system at the University of Wisconsin, which still exists today.

Jay helped found Aplanatic Co-op Warehouse to serve all the small co-op grocery stores across the South. Jay designed numerous energy and environmental impact data, winning many awards for clients. His project for EPA with ICF involved solving a P vs. NP problem, is considered one of the seven Millennium Problems of Clay Mathematics.

Jay’s other accomplishments include being appointed the commissioner of Arlington County's Parks and Recreation Commission (two years as chair). Jay's advocacy for trees, won permanent funding for Arlington County’s Park Ranger program.

  • Our Mission

    ACE's mission is to bridge open door collaborations for sustainable grassroots community empowerment.

  • Our Vision

    ACE envisions under-served people elevated to healthy, resilient, and empowered communities.

  • Our Work

    ACCESS - provides essential health services, education, vocational training, mentoring, and economic development opportunities.

    COLLABORATION - supports cultural-sensitive partnerships for relevant engagement with grassroots leaders and community stakeholders to develop, implement and govern community-led initiatives. Collaboration bridges established entities with grassroots leaders and community stakeholders.

    EMPOWERMENT - facilitates mastermind groups and offers leadership and entrepreneur economic development opportunities for grassroots community leaders and stakeholders.

    ACE's operating framework bridges and cultivates collaborations for established entities and grassroots leadership engagement and equity empowerment. ACE focuses on closing the equity gap by providing sustainable resources and building healthy and financially empowered communities for the world's underserved and under-resourced populations.

    ACE's collaborative framework promotes grassroots participation in strategizing and implementing win-win solutions. For example, in response to the devastating 2020 global COVID 19 epidemic, the ACE Health Foundation XAZA initiative, a collaborative framework, addressed India's disparities in access to essential resources and income loss. The XAZA initiative donated factory space outside of New Delhi, India, provided supplies, developed job opportunities, and produced masks. ACE distributed the masks worldwide to charitable organizations to raise funds for their projects and missions.

    ACE is committed to establishing collaborations and partnerships that embrace a holistic approach. Understanding the value of long-term planning that effectively transforms condition ACE services revitalize the grassroots thought leaders with a cohesive relationship for the communities.