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The ACE Health Foundation furthered its commitment to create, implement, and engage in educational and practical opportunities for women globally, with the intent to improve the probability of their individual and community financial stability. In alignment with that philosophy, ACE Health Foundation partnered with the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State to support the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE). ACE Health Foundation provides funding to support programming and offer grants for AWE graduates to facilitate the launch and growth of their entrepreneurial endeavors.

As envisioned by ACE Health Foundation founder Pooja Chandra Pama, Dream Schemes 501 and MasterMinds 502 are mentorship programs that help women evaluate their business, assessing it for greatest efficacy and future viability. The program culminates in the selection of its most accomplished participants, Masterminds Team Leaders. These individuals will be paired with professional mentors, locally and globally, in Masterminds 502, to further develop their skills sets to increase the probability of success of their enterprises. Coaching and guidance in critical areas such as leadership, public speaking, networking, finance, branding, marketing, time management, and cross-cultural development will enable growth and promote the transition to confident, successful, and culturally and socially responsible entrepreneurs. Through its development and implementation of Dream Schemes 501 and MasterMinds 502 mentorship programs, ACE Health Foundation will contribute to the continued success of AWE graduates. As newly emerged entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders these women will be well prepared to succeed in their local communities, and on the world stage.

"It is my honor to accept the invitation from the Founder and President of ACE Health Foundation, Pooja Chandra Pama to join the work of the ACE Global Leaders of Excellence Network. Your track record speaks for itself. I am pleased to be associated with an organization committed to concrete actions to uplift talented global women.

While the Chinese proverb about women holding up half the sky is well known, my life experience with individuals like those with the ACE Global Leaders Network is living proof that women hold up the entire sky. The ACE Health Foundation’s work is confirmation that with heightened self-esteem and opportunity, women will transform the world."

- U.S. Ambassador Harriet L. Elam-Thomas (ret.)