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Our Initiatives

  • Skills Development
    Skills Development

    This initiative is driven by ACE’s collaboration with private and government entities, who participate in the design of skills development programs, specific and relevant to that region and their broader application to the national economy. This is translated into a curriculum of ACE Skills Workshops, focusing generally on employment, entrepreneurship, microcredit, financial literacy and business development.

  • Economic Opportunity
    Economic Opportunity

    ACE understands the importance of economic empowerment for an individual and a community. Providing micro-credit opportunities assist in generating small businesses and developing resources generic to the environments.

  • Mastermind Groups
    Mastermind Groups

    ACE encourages accountability groups of like-minds imagining possibilities, setting goals, and implementing measurable plans. Identifying, coordinating, and facilitating entities to formulate win-win collaborations addresses the interests of the underserved and underrepresented communities.

  • Health

    ACE plays a vital role in coordinating collaborations to provide health services for the underserved population in different parts of the world. ACE provides access to essential healthcare services that include medicines, sanitation, and hygiene products to improve individuals’ health and well-being. In addition, ACE presents workshops and counseling on family planning, adolescent healthcare, and first aid in collaboration with local facilitators.