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Jay Jacob Wind

Jay Jacob Wind Secretary and Treasurer

Jay Jacob Wind

Jay Jacob Wind is a global scholar, visionary accountant, author, athletic events governor, the go-to committed leader, and an excellence enthusiast who executes a task from start to end. 

As an innovator of many public and private sectors' IT accounting systems and programs, in the early 1970s, Jay's humanitarian passion inspired him to found the Association of Co-Op Housing and develop the co-op house accounting system at the University of Wisconsin, which still exists today.

Jay helped found Aplanatic Co-op Warehouse to serve all the small co-op grocery stores across the South. Jay designed numerous energy and environmental impact data, winning many awards for clients. His project for EPA with ICF involved solving a P vs. NP problem, is considered one of the seven Millennium Problems of Clay Mathematics.

Jay’s other accomplishments include being appointed the commissioner of Arlington County's Parks and Recreation Commission (two years as chair). Jay's advocacy for trees, won permanent funding for Arlington County’s Park Ranger program.