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Dragana Calija

Dragana CalijaFounder and CEO Software Development Company

Dragana Calija

Dragana Calija, a member of ACE Health Foundation's ACE Global Leaders of Excellence Network, is a software engineer by vocation, decided to start her own company at the age of 28. Saint Di started as an outsourcing company providing consulting services, solutions delivery and product development. The company has had a great deal of clients all over the world to include USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Australia.

After making the company stable and successful, Dragana wanted another challenge, which resulted in launching the company's product – OrderEngine - cloud based supply chain engine and solution for procurement. Upon successful completion of the testing phase in Serbia, Dragana makes a move to scale the product globally, starting from London. She received an Exceptional Talent Visa from the UK, allowing her to start a company and relocate there as well.

Dragana’s honors and awards:

  • The International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge Foundation Award for Best Entrepreneur (2022)
  • Western Balkan Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 by Regional Cooperation Council (2021)
  • “Kosta Mirosavljević“ Award for the Best Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vojvodina (2021)
  • Success Flower Award for Best Woman Exporter Entrepreneur in 2020 by Association of Business Women in Serbia (2020)

Dragna is looking forward to serving the global community through ACE Global Leaders of Excellence Network of ACE Health Foundation.