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2023 MasterMinds MasterClass

MasterMinds MasterClass
Why? Breaking into new markets is never easy, especially if you're going global. How do you (a) find prospects and(b) get them to respond to your email? Or take your sales call? Or meet you on zoom so you can pitch? And then how do you get them to trust you enough to give you your first order?
Ace Health Foundation

Give yourself the gift of knowledge about the "Buying Brain"

Grab a cup of coffee and join us for a fun 90 minutes as we unpack two game-changing research studies from Harvard on the brain science of choice. How do we choose, what drives our choices, why do we yes?


Neuromarketing: The Science Behind The "Buying Brain"

"In my 15 years with WPO, this has been one of the best presentations I've heard by someone who's simply brilliant in both knowledge and delivery. I'm thinking communications overhaul for at least two of my organizations. There will be a signification impact..." Anne Messenger, Woman President Organization, New York

The Science of NeuroMarketing is the study of choice. What are the triggers that drive our decisions, why do we say yes? This powerful and influential research from Harvard gives us clear guidelines as to how we should be thinking and how we should be structuring our export messaging.

"It's an export sales game-changer".

If you're hitting walls in your sales process, or you're being ignored or blocked, brain science gives you a new perspective on how to pre-sell, pre-dispose, and pre-quality export prospects - a new way to position your service so that when you go through the [zoom] door, your prospects are concersion ready.

US $165 Free To Women Enterpreneurs

Saturday, 24 June - Neuromarketing Masterclass (90 mins)
01:00 EDT, 02:00 ART, 07:00 CEST, 07:00 SAST, 08:00 EAT, 10:30 IST

Colleen Backstrom

Speaker Colleen Backstrom from Cape Town is the global guru in NeuroMarketing for email, web, and social, the game-changing new-frontier Science Behind the Buying Brain.

This masterclass is sponsored by Ms. Pooja Chandra Pama as part of her MasterMinds 503 Speakers series. Pooja is the Founder and Co-Chair of ACE Global Leaders of Excellence Network, a program offered through ACE Health Foundation - an international non-profit providing upskilling, mentoring, and coaching for women enterpreneurs. Pooja's philanthropy through ACE Health Foundation fosters enterpreneurship on a global scale and includes education, women's empowerment, the arts, health, the environment, and humanitarian initiatives. Pooja resides in Washington DC.

Ace Health Foundation
Global Women of Excellence
Pooja Chandra Pama
Ms. Usharani Manne

Ms. Usharani Manne, the ACE Global Leader of Excellence at ACE Health Foundation, USA, and the Founder-Director of Polmon Instruments Pvt. Ltd. in Hyderabad, India, will moderate Pooja Chandra Pama’s MasterMinds 503 MasterClass. She previously served as the Chairperson of FLO Hyderabad chapter for the year 2020-21 and currently holds the position of National Governing Body Member of FLO, India.