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Ambassador Ruth A. Davis 80th Birthday Celebration

ACE Health Foundation warmly congratulates Ambassador Ruth A. Davis on the celebration of her 80th birthday. Ambassador Davis continues to hold our highest respect, admiration, and appreciation for contributions to US foreign policy, entrepreneurial empowerment, and her lifetime contributions to increasing persity and gender equity in the fields of international diplomacy and foreign service.

As the first female Senior Watch Officer in the U.S. Department of State, the first woman of color appointed as Director General of U.S. Foreign Service, the first African American Director of U.S. Foreign Service Institute, and the first and only African American woman to be named Career Ambassador, we are honored to celebrate Ambassador Davis, and have her serve as the co-chair of ACE Global Leaders of Excellence Network program.

Welcome remarks, given by Pooja Chandra Pama included,

“As I glance around the room, I am intrigued by how many of us would not have met, had it not been for Ruth. I would even venture to say - How countless career paths and personal passions may have developed differently, had it not been for Ruth’s influence. I, for one, am extremely grateful for her support as my co-chair of the ACE Global Leaders of Excellence Network. As the founder of ACE Health Foundation, I continue to be inspired by the tenacity with which Ruth propelled the organization she co-founded – International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge (IWEC).”

Program included remarks by:

  • Honorable Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Ambassador to the United Nations
  • Dr. Eugenia D. Clements, Honoree’s sister, Retired Physician
  • Mrs. Nancy Ploeger, International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge (IWEC)
  • Dr. Ruth A. Whiteside, Former Deputy Asst., Sec. Bureau of Human Resources, Deputy Director Foreign Service Institute
  • Mr. Clayton Bond, Senior Advisor for Diplomatic Fellowships, Ralph Bunch International Center, Howard University – mentee of Ambassador Davis
  • Dr. Laura Taylor-Kale, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Industrial-Based Policy – mentee of Ambassador Davis
  • Master of Ceremonies was Mr. James Dandridge, Former President of DACOR Bacon Foundation

Comments from former classmates, mentees and colleagues punctuated the event, as they recounted personal and professional stories of their history with Ruth and her impact upon them, standing as a strong testimony to her reputation as a trailblazer and beloved mentor and friend. The extraordinary day was highlighted with remarks from Ambassador Davis herself, serving as an unforgettable treat for all in attendance.

As the day concluded, a video and photo montage, assembled through contributions of the invitees, were presented to the honoree, underscoring the enduring esteem with which she is held by so many. A framed, custom silk scarf adorned with insignias representing geographic regions of the world in which Ambassador Davis worked, will hang on the walls of the “Ambassador Ruth A Davis conference room” of the U.S. Foreign Service Institute, as an ongoing tribute to the extensive influence of Ambassador Davis’ remarkable career and affect worldwide.

ACE Health Foundation is among many who wish Ambassador Davis much happiness and health in the year ahead.

Ambassador Ruth A. Davis 80th Birthday Celebration

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Jendayi's Tribute to Amb Davis

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